Monday, 3 September 2012

Tips in debugging Java script, CSS issues with Internet Explorer

1. When some UI issue like the input size is displayed smaller in size , then the problem may be because the parent elements size may not have been defined or it may be of smaller size.

2. In the case of tables in ie, when one of the column does not have any value , then we should keep an extra   to represent some value , otherwise it wiil show the broken lines. We can also add frame attribute if the above doesnt work.
3. getElementByClassName function of prototype does not work in IE7 . We should use $$(element type : classname ).

4. Most common issue with javascript failing in IE is an extra comma is added after last array element also.

5. Including a js file 2 times, shows that element not present in IE7 , IE8.

6. In Jquery new option for adding dynamic select doesn't work in IE7 - the workaround is to use .append .

7. IE7/IE8 - ifrmae gives default border. In order to remove it, need to set this explicity for iframe - frame-border = 0 ;

8. When we are trying to put some javascript code inside some unclosed element , then in IE7 it shows problem.
   Workaround - add some dummy element as first clid of the parent and after evalating the javascript remove the firstchild.

9. directly selecting option with the id not working in IE7,8,9.

10. border attribute doesnt work in IE 7 , 8. Work around is to use images as borders.

11. The css written for the html should be verified from w3schools css validators.

12. The js written for the html should be verified using w3schools js validators.

13. HTML should be proper , like proper defining of the head, body tags.